Mauricio R. Puente

My interest in photography started when I was very young and progressed to the early 1960's when I used a 4" by 5" film format Linhof camera to photograph motorcycle races and sold prints to the local motorcycle dealership. I learned dark room techniques from my father, the prominent Salvadorian painter, Mauricio Puente, Sr. For many years, my kitchen pantry served as a dark room.

When I moved to the US, I transitioned to 35 mm slide format and created slide shows for my former store “Tierra" in Harvard Square, Cambridge, documenting trips to Guatemala and El Salvador.  I joined the digital era 7 years ago and have since concentrated on Nature and Sports photography. I have spent most of my time photographing our region’s wildlife and nature landscapes. We live in a region of the world with four beautiful and distinct seasons. Often, we drive by natural beauty and flash by it while pursuing our daily life. My role is to stop and capture those moments. Many of my photographs were taken on the way to or from my work. Now retired and residing in Pepperell, MA, I have been documenting our beautiful waterways, notably the Nashua River.

I am on the board of Directors of 3RiversArts, the Nature Walks Conservation Society, a Wilderness Guardian with the Sierra Club and a Mass Audubon Member.

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Cell phone = 617-968-4120