November 19, 2012

Welcome to my first Blog entry.

For the first time I have the luxury to spend more time dedicated to photography. I have been a photographer most of my life. For most of this time, it has been a part time weekend endeavor. I am processing more pictures from my files going back about 5 years and am finding some treasures as well as some great memories.

I just changed the forwarding of my domain name to point to my new Fine Art web site. This is being hosted by SquareSpace. On the new site, I will display and sell my nature and other fine art photographs. I will keep my SmugMug page to add and sell sport photos. Sports photos can be purchased directly from SmugMug. This is a great site for this and you can purchase from photographs to mugs and T-shirts.  I set a link on my new web site that will open a new window to my SmugMug sports site.

I made the change because I enjoy capturing an image and then processing the photograph until the final outcome, which I consider to be a print. I like to use the finest products available and have control of color output and final quality. This option was not available in SmugMug.

Currently, I print fine art photographs up 13" by 44" size using an Epson R3000 printer. I use the best fine art paper that Epson has available. Mostly I print Color in Cold Press Bright Textured Matte Paper and Black and White in Exhibition Semi Gloss Paper.

Equipment news: I just received a Nikon D800 that I will use for landscape and Studio work. I will write about this later.

Until next time enjoy each moment of your life.