Epson Stylus Pro 7900 is here.

Part One:

The Epson Stylus Pro 7900 arrived from B and H Video on Friday. My first impression was one of size. The printer is so large, that it exceeded any vision I had, regardless of how many times I checked the measurements on the printer specifications. The next was and is one of excitement. Ever since is I started creating photographic  images when I was a kid, I always printed. I loved to produce the largest prints possible in our dark room. I also was  exposed throughout my life to the paintings of my Dad. Some of his paintings are 5 feet by 5 feet. They just look great on any wall. This printer will print up to 24" by 90". This is a good start.

The printer arrived in an 18 wheeler. It was packed on top of  a pallet in a very large cardboard box. I opened the box and assembled the stand. I enlisted the help of my neighbor, John, and the son of my other neighbor, Derek. The printer by itself weighs 187 pounds. My goal was to get it in from the outside because of the cold temperature and the threat of rain and later to bring it down to my studio in the basement. We brought it in just in the nick of time. As soon as we were in, the rain started fall. The load made both my friends huff and puff. Once inside and after a small break my friend John said "why don't we keep going". I completed taking all the plastic cover off and removing the pallet which they used to help them get a better grip. Going down the stairs was tough, specially making the tight corner in the middle of the steps. We settled the printer on its stand and took a rest. From this point on it was mostly assembling the paper catch tray, removing all the tapes and packing material used during transport. The next step is to put in the ink cartridges. It comes with "starter" inks and about half of the cartridge is gone after charging all the ink lines. this process takes about 15 minutes.

So far all the documentation is excellent and clear. Following them step by step has been easy and straight forward. The printer just finished loading the inks. I will continue this when I have l have connected the printer to the network and installed the software.

Part Two:

I finished the connections to the network. I had a bit of a hick up (user error), my computer was not seeing the printer. Once I solved it by "adding" a port in the Epson utility, it all continued smoothly. I installed the software and was ready to do my first print. I printed a portrait of my beautiful wife, Alice, in 16" by 20" and a 24" by 36" print of two of my favorite landscapes. I printed in low quality and in the matte sample paper the printer came with. Wow! Better than I expected. The printer sounds like a turbine and does not have the clacking sounds I am used to with my HP 8550 and the Epson R3000. The printing is smooth and quiet. The printer has its own cutter and cuts the print when done.

I printed the third print, one with fall color foliage and blue water and sky. The print came out with horizontal bands in all the light blue and white areas. I looked at the problem solving section in the manual . One of the options is to clean the nozzles and print head. I did that and the next print was awesome.

My next step I going to load the roll of fine art Epson Cold Press Bright paper and go for a maximum quality 24" by 36" print.

I am very impressed with the printer the quality, its operation and the whole set up process. You really know you have a high end piece of equipment. The documentation is excellent and everything works as expected. I look forward to some fine art printing. There are so many details that make this a good experience. Way to go Epson!

I will update when I print my first fine art print.

Love life and those around you,