Epson Stylus Pro 7900 is here (final).

Part Three:

We are fully up and running. I loaded the fine art paper roll and produced a wonderful 24" by 36" print of Heald Pond in Pepperell I took this fall. Not without some set up delays but now it is all running smoothly.

One of the issues that confused me was the different options that are available in the printer menu versus the options that are available in the print setup screen in the software. I am using Lightroom 4.3 to generate my images and printing them. Part of the software install includes Epson paper ICC Profiles. In Lightroom, I can see the option for Epson Cold Press Bright. In the printer menu screen I could not see that paper option. In the instructions it give you a substitute paper to choose but it warns you that this is not for the best printing quality. After reading as much as I could in print and on the web I decided to call Epson Customer service.

As I preface to my call I should tell you that I have been managing award winning Customer Service strategies for corporations (including my own business) for over 25 years. I am always a bit apprehensive when I call Customer Service for one of my products and believe that for the most part business has taken a turn not for the best in customer service. I am however, pleased to see that more and more I see glimmers of light. Lately I had opportunity to talk to B and H Photo Customer Service, The service was excellent, and now Epson Customer Service, also excellent service.

I called and experienced two very short menus, both limited to 3 options, one to ask me what type of product I was calling about and the other to ask if I was calling for technical support or an administrative matter. I entered the unit number for my printer and in less than a minute I was talking to a technician. He had all my information available and the fact that I had called before ( 2 years earlier) I asked my questions and I received courteous, quick, accurate and helpful information.

The answer is, the software options for paper, override the options on the printer menu. In my opinion, this is minor but it could be corrected. With this knowledge I have been printing and continue to be impresses with the quality of the print and the operation of the printer. This printer runs smoother than any printer I have used before.

In summary, the printer met all my expectations and was well worth the investment. Epson has done a great job with documentation and Customer service. The print quality is excellent. The mechanical operation is smooth. Paper loading is easy and straight forward using roll or sheet paper.

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