It's been a long time...

It's been almost 3 months since I posted. Big factor was that I was down with Asthmatic Bronchitis for 4 weeks not including the before and after time when I was not feeling normal. The good news is that I am feeling normal again. During the time I was down I discovered how much I missed going out and making photographs. Since I was very young I have always had access to a camera and it has been part of an almost daily habit (yes, I said habit). When I was getting better I could not wait to push down on the shutter. It was sure nice when I took the first shot.

I continue to be very happy with the Epson 7900. Its reliability is excellent but most of all is the quality of the prints. One of the concerns I had was how long would the starter inks would last. I have made several 24" by 36" prints and many other large size prints and only one Ink has reached below 20% level. I also read that manufacturers don't give you the correct amount left on the ink cartridge to force you to change ink sooner than you need to. That may be true but this printer tells you the percentage left on the cartridge so I will be able to wait until the end to change. Or if you prefer you can wait until the cartridge is out, the printer will stop and you can insert a new cartridge. This method seems a bit risky to me so I am going with the percentage amount and play it safe.

I have posted several new photographs to my website and have been going out in the winter to shoot some landscapes. Winter offers a new perspective on the landscape around us. I also offers different challenges for photographers. Beginning with exposure. This is when practice shooting with manual setting comes in handy. I shoot mostly in aperture priority to control the depth of field. However, I spend lots of time with each camera shooting in manual setting to get used to this setting so when I need to go to manual to choose an exposure setting to my liking for the photograph I am creating, I am familiar with the manual controls of the camera.

Here and there I will describe how I took a particular photograph. This latest black and white I posted is of a small river next to one of the roads in our region. I have driven by and hiked many times scouting the area to find a good spot for a photograph. I knew how the sun affected the landscape at various time of day. I drove by last week and saw how beautiful it looked with the large amount of snow we have received this winter. This Sunday Alice, Ziggy and I went for a drive with the purpose of taking some photographs. We arrived around 3:30PM. I took the photograph at 4:14, at this time the sun was getting low in the horizon but since it was a clear day the day was still bright. I was aiming to capture the sun light hitting the ripples of water. My goal was to create a black and white photograph highlighting  the contrast between the dark areas and the snow and sunlight on the water. I hiked for some time in a couple of feet of snow and took many photographs of the river.


This photo is about midway during the hike. I took all photos on manual. This one was with a 50mm lens, ISO 640, 1/160 of a second and f/16. No tripod, I was at the edge of the snow and could not secure a tripod. I leaned against a tree at the shore to steady myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time, have a joyful time,